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Porter Self Storage

Optional Storage Insurance

While we do not require it, we offer low cost tenant insurance options at the facility.  We strongly urge each and every tenant to obtain coverage.  In the industry today, roughly 85% of all self storage companies require renter’s insurance. Having it being the standard in our industry, and in accordance with Texas state law, as well as having it stated in our tenant leases, Freedom Self Storage assumes no liability for the contents of the units. We insure our buildings and property, and it is up to each tenant to insure their valuables.

We can offer you a low-cost policy from STORSMART Insurance Program, an “A” rated company, with a track record of an easy claim process. The policies are inexpensive, easy to get started, and there are no deductibles when a disc lock is used. For your convenience, we only carry high quality disc locks in our retail store or you can bring your own.

Many homeowner and renter insurance policies do not cover “off site storage” protection. For the ones that actually do, you may find that the deductibles are high.

There are too many variables and things that can happen in a not-so-perfect world: Fire, burglary, lightning, and other “What-ifs”. Protecting your valuables with insurance is essential to avoiding losses due to unforeseen circumstances.

Freedom Self Storage in Porter, TX

23771 FM 1314, Porter, TX 77365

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